About the site

I Worked At Raleigh is the result of a three year period in which Nottingham based Community Arts Organisation Hanby and Barrett created a series of works marking the presence of Raleigh in Nottingham and the company’s impact further afield.

Having met dozens of people and heard about their experiences of working at Raleigh first hand, it became apparent that there was a desire for the everyday experiences of the people that worked in this huge enterprise to be set down for posterity.

At present we have interviewed fifty six people who have a connection with the factory, the large majority of these having worked there. These interviews, most of which are available as audio recordings but some as short films, present a comprehensive overview of what it was like to work and play at The Raleigh. With over fifteen hours of material to listen to and to watch, and with new material being uploaded at regular intervals, this site is an incredibly valuable resource, committed to preserving and recording the memories of those who worked for one of Nottingham's most iconic companies.

Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the University of Nottingham with support from AHRC.

Andy Barrett and Julian Hanby

Interviewers – Pippa Barker, Andy Barrett, Alex Francis. Holly Godward, Julian Hanby, Liz Kaczor, Richard Kaczor, Andy King, Carole Mallia, Andrew Martin, Dave Priestley, Laura Swain, James Watts

Audio editing – Alexia Ball, Andy Barrett, Julian Hanby, Dave Priestley

Brett Bligh

App design – Jacob Chapman and Chrissie Hare – Helios Dreams

Craig Dicken

Education Support – Anton Franks, Chris Hall, Susan Jones and Pat Thomson

With thanks to – Kathy Flewitt, Ann Inscker, Chris King, Dave Marsland, Judith Mills, Chris King, Raleigh International. Interviewees - Olive Abbot, Alan Bell, Kerry Bell, Maud Biersay, Vic Birmingham, Tim Buxton, Sam Capsy, Alan Carlisle, Denys Cave, Kath Collingham, Walter Cooper, John Coxon, John Dexter, Reginald Arthur Dixon, Frank Ellis, George Ellis, John English, Trevor Fisher, Shaun Gordon, Harry Hardy, Steve Hartshorne, Dennis Hensby, Rita Howard, Brian Hughes, Gordon Jackson, Celia Jones, Richard Kacsor, Brian Leaper, Stuart Lokes, Kenneth Marsland, Maurice Mason, Len Mays, Anthony Morley, Ray and Phyl Morris, Mhairi Morriss, Karen Oakley, June and John Page, Jean Ramsdale, Alan Reed, Tony Severn, Jeff Sharpe, Terry Sleaford, Val Stanley, Reg Tomlinson, Geoff Ward, Keith Wells, Brian Whitelocks, Joe Whydale, Steve Wigley, Margaret Wilkinson, Brian Woodward.