How to Use the Site

Welcome to I Worked At Raleigh, a website that has been created to allow those who played a part in one of Nottingham’s most successful products to listen to, look at and share stories, memories, photographs and memorabilia. 

This website works in a number of ways, allowing you to listen to audio interviews, watch videos, or to look at images. You will see that on the picture of the factory there are a number of headings and if you click on these they will take you to different parts of the website.

The Shop Floor / Head Office / Social Club headings will bring you to pages where there are a random selection of images and interviews that are connected to this theme. So if we recorded someone who told us about the Raleigh ballroom then if you clicked on Social Club you would find them here. Every time you click on these headings the list of items that you can look at or listen to will be in a different order. But there is a back button to the top left of the interview or photograph so that you can just go back to the same list if you wish to.

The Audio / Video / Images headings will list all of the material we have that is recorded here in that form. Again every time you click on these headings the list of items will come up in a different order.

The People heading lists all of those people whose stories and memories feature on this site. Next to their name you will see some information about them and when you click on this it will take you to their interview or to any images they have provided.

The audio interviews have been broken down into sections of no more than six minutes each. If you want to listen to the whole interview you will need to do so by clicking on Part One, then Part Two etc. When you click on a person to listen to their interview it will tell you how many sections their interview is in.

Underneath each interview, and each photograph, is a short list that suggests other items you may be interested in. This is done using a tagging system; so that if a person talks about wheel making the site suggests other items that are connected to this; perhaps someone else talking about their time in the Wheel Shop, or some photographs of this. We hope that people will use this site as a scrapbook and that these tags will help guide you through the large amount of material that there is here so that you can find out about specific things that interest you about Raleigh, or specific locations or jobs or subjects that you want to investigate further.

There is a Search box in the right top hand corner of the Home Page (the picture of the factory). This will also help you to locate material.

Along the top of the website – where you found this heading – there are a number of other headings. If you click on these they will give you some more information about the website – how it was made and the amount of material there is on it; how it can be used as an educational resource; how the smartphone app that partners this website can be downloaded and used; and also how you can add your own material so that this site keeps growing and growing.

That’s it. As with all websites it’s really just a case of jumping in and seeing where it leads you. There is a lot here so you can keep coming back to it and discover new material.

Thanks for having a look.